Дженнифер Гарнер прокомментировала свою реакцию на «Оскаре-2018″

The ceremony of awarding the main prize of 2018, “Oscar”, which took place two weeks ago, remembered by the audience and guests. Night in Los Angeles there are many interesting, and in one case, appears the name of the actress Jennifer garner. Spectators were attracted by the sudden reaction of the ladies events happening on the stage, which was caught on camera. What reacted with amazement the star is not known. Garner herself doesn’t remember that then threw her into shock.

Дженнифер Гарнер прокомментировала свою реакцию на «Оскаре-2018″

The event, captured on camera, put on the Internet. Creative users of the virtual network immediately created a lot of memes. The actress appeared on Ellen DeGeneres and was unable to comment on the situation. When star showed you the tape, she just are unable to look at her. “I can’t bear to watch. No, you can’t. I’m too embarrassed. I can’t control myself. What am I doing?!” cried garner, again seeing the recording.

Though garner loves to read articles on the Internet, comments on the recording of “Oscar” to ignore are unable. “A few hours after the prize I began getting messages from people who asked why my expression had changed so much. I try not to read about yourself articles on the Internet, but then I failed,” admits garner and claims not to remember what was happening on the stage that caused such a reaction.

“I want to punch her (i.e. myself at the moment) in the face (laughs).” — the actress laughs, wanting to tell a story about the event better.

At that time, as the actress attends important events and shows, Ben Affleck attempts to return his ex-wife. Recall that a couple with three children — two year old violet, six-year-old Samuel and nine-year-old Seraphina. For the sake of two daughters and a son, the former spouses intend for the holidays, and maybe Ben and Jen reappeared warm feelings for each other.

As the insider reported, Affleck tried to get your wife back even after divorce, and attempts was reduced to once. “He begged her to come back several times,” says an insider. It turns out, despite the fact that the actor is Dating a TV producer Lindsay Sukus, Affleck admitted to friends about remaining romantic feelings for his former wife. In conversation he mentioned that he wants to return to Jennifer.

Garner, in turn, not against Affleck after a divorce. 45-year-old actress helped her ex-husband in a difficult period. When he was treated for alcohol addiction in rehab, every day she visited him and supported. “Everything looked very positive. Jennifer took a lot of care and they both wanted to make things right,” continues the insider. He added that Affleck is now on the road to full recovery, because he is very care about their health and working on them.