Jennifer garner admitted that I would marry Affleck

Дженнифер Гарнер призналась, что снова бы вышла замуж за Аффлека
Despite her husband’s infidelity, the actress believes their marriage the best years of his life.

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck

Photo: Splash News/East news

“I married a loved one, not for a Hollywood star with a thick bag of money,” says Jennifer garner. — It was a real marriage.
True love. So I tried very hard to save your marriage. But not
happened. However, if you could turn back time, I would once again
did the same thing — would have married Ben married. Because otherwise I wouldn’t have three
adorable kids and all those beautiful moments that were in our marriage.
Isn’t that right? Ben was and remains for me the most amazing and gorgeous
man in the world, the most charismatic and generous. Yes, he is very difficult.
Sometimes even too much. When the sun shines on you, you bathe in it
rays. When you are covered by a shadow, it becomes very cold.”

After the scandal with the betrayal Affleck — the press attributed to him an affair with the nanny of their children Christine ouzounian, which Jennifer had to fire — the couple divorced. For some time Christine played in public games with your friends your photos on social networks and otherwise fueling rumors about the affair. However, she soon disappeared from all radars. All this time, Affleck and his PR office categorically denied the existence of the affair. And now she garner, albeit without naming all their names, confirms the rumors.

“The fact that Ben — and in this respect the rumors, unfortunately, were under a
reason — have not lived under the same roof for several months before the appearance
information about the nanny. No, that girl never, believe me, was not the main reason
this decision. But, of course, such things are very hard to survive. Especially
it is difficult to explain to children the meaning of the word “scandal” and the disappearance of their lives
nanny. Moreover, it’s been months and I still had to talk to a
children and answer their questions. I can still say that no one but himself
Affleck knows the truth. And I’m just a man who knows the most
part of this truth.”

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