Дженнифер Энистон с мужем обвинили соседа в шпионаже
The couple are suing former partner.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Due to the prolonged repair Jennifer aniston and her
husband Justin Theroux were involved in a “neighborhood war”. Recently the couple sued
a joint lawsuit against the residents on the floor below Mr. Norman Resnicow. As
says aniston, Resnicow arranged for
her constant surveillance. She even in your own home doesn’t feel
security, as Norman not only keeps track of its occurrence and
care, but also allows himself to take pictures through their Windows. And, apparently, it’s not a figment of the imagination
actress: in fact there is a photo of Resnicow with a digital camera, whose lens is on
aimed at the apartment of the star couple. Now 49-year-old aniston and 46-year-old Theroux require neighbor
large amount of encroachment on their privacy.

But this story began long ago: the first round of court
the proceedings took place in the spring of 2017. Then the parties have advanced other
other numerous charges. Norman complained about the dog actor, who allegedly continuously
howl in his absence, and the noise that creates repairs in the apartment Theroux.
He demanded that Justin has provided complete soundproofing of their homes that
would have cost Theroux is not less than 30-40 thousand dollars. And Justin responded by accusing
neighbor that illegally impedes the repair work. The prosecution was
the attached picture, which was filmed ill-fated neighbor who broke into apartment
Theroux PJ’s and attacking workers-repairmen.

The saddest thing about this story is that a few years
ago Theroux and Resnicow considered themselves friends. But the fuss around the repair is completely
ruined their relationship. Incidentally, according to one of aniston’s friends,
the whole story is ruined and the relationship of the actress with her husband. Jennifer said
because of the machinations of Norman she is unable to live in the apartment Theroux. Not
met understanding on the part of Justin.