Дженнифер Энистон сыграет в экранизации подросткового романа

Jennifer aniston in recent years, not so active in the profession, as it was before. premiere of the last movie with the actress took place in 2016. It was a Comedy “new year party”. Now the star of “Friends” is a new project. Jen agreed to shoot the film under the name “Dumplin”, which we will talk about that fat girl without complexes.

Synopsis of the Comedy is as follows: fatty Willowdine that the school call the Doughnut, not the complex because of its weight, despite the fact that her mother was a former winner of the beauty contest. But everything changes when she falls in love with a guy named Bo, she begins to feel insecure and decided to go for a beauty contest along with their eccentric friends. Aniston in the Comedy plays the role of the organizer of the beauty contest. The names of other actors are not yet reported.

The film’s Director appointed Anne Fletcher previously directed “27 dresses” and “Offer”. Given the incredible success of these paintings, I dare to suggest that we will have something easy and interesting.

Date, the creators have not yet decided.

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