Дженнифер Энистон лично займется похоронами матери Hollywood actress announced that Nancy DOE died after a long illness. During the whole life of relations, aniston and her cousin were very tense. The actress has repeatedly said that mom was on her spread too many rumors, talking to reporters. Despite past conflicts, Jennifer holds Nancy’s last journey.

      Дженнифер Энистон лично займется похоронами матери

      Jennifer aniston lost her mother. Nancy Dow died at age 79 after a long illness. The Hollywood star herself announced the tragic news to the public. The funeral of a woman will the actress with relatives.

      “I and my brother John with sadness we have to announce that our mother, Nancy Dow died. She was 79 years old, and her last days peacefully passed surrounded by loved ones, she fought a long illness. We ask you to respect the right of our family to privacy, now we mourn the loss”, – quotes aniston is an American tabloid.

      A few days ago Nancy Dow was urgently hospitalized from a private house. In the last years of his life, a woman almost no one spoke. About her illness became known in 2015. Then the doctors from upset relatives, Nancy long. After the woman learned about the terrible diagnosis, she wanted to talk to Jennifer, but she refused.

      The discord in the relationship of mother and daughter began after DOE has published her memoir “Mother, daughter, friend: memories”. In this book she told about such moments Jennifer that the star of the show “Friends” would prefer to hide. Besides, Nancy was constantly criticized a girl for her looks, was unhappy with aniston and reproached the daughter because she was in no hurry to become a mother.

      “I can’t forgive her. She only criticized me my whole life. She was a model, famous and beautiful, but I wasn’t. I never conformed to its ideals,” said Jennifer in an interview.

      Over the past twenty years, according to neighbors, the DOE, the actress was seen with her mother times two. Aniston is not even called a mother to any of their wedding ceremonies: in 2000, brad pitt and 2015 with Justin Theroux.

      Nancy DOE worked as a model and actress. In 1965 she became the wife of the actor John Anniston. Dad and Jennifer they lived until 1980 and were divorced when the future actress was 9 years old. The girl was left to live with her mother, but was periodically visited his father in Los Angeles, where he played a major role in the TV series “Days of our lives”.

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