Дженнифер Энистон хочет вернуться в добрую атмосферу телевидения

Fame came to Jennifer aniston during the filming of the series “Friends”. One of the most popular in the history of television sitcoms began to aniston a pass in a big movie, which it did for over 10 years. Now Jen wants to go back to basics and once again become a television actress. In the opinion of the performer of the role of Rachel green, she is, of course, succeed.

By the way, the actress says that her decision much affected by the situation that prevails on the set. During the filming of the movie for wide meters, on-site feeling of nervousness and tension while shooting the series the situation is reversed: “I Have no more time to argue, angry Directors and bad behavior”.

“When you’re twenty-something, then go to play away from home it is an adventure, with new people, new cities and countries, quotes Jennifer aniston CBSNews. And now you want to be closer to home and just have fun”.

Who knows, maybe this way the actress hinted at the fact that he would like to star in the sequel to “Friends”?

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