Дженнифер Энистон два года водила всех за нос
Revealed unexpected details in the story of the marriage of Hollywood stars.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Overseas reporters have managed to do
the unexpected discovery. They have carefully checked the archives of the state of California, but not
they found no trace of the marriage certificate Jennifer aniston and Justin
Theroux, who announced recently his decision to leave. And the absence of this document gave rise to the assumption that
that the couple was not officially married! And therefore, in this case, does not need the process
according to divorce…

In fact, aniston and Theroux could, of course,
to officially register their relationship in any of the 50 States. But not yet
found no “evidence” for this turn of events. On the eve of a celebratory Banquet for
the event, as all thought of marriage, they never left
California. Moreover, after talking with a few familiar couples, reporters
learned: friends Theroux has long suspected that his marriage was not registered

Recall: Justin’s wedding (or party
which everyone took as a wedding) was held in August 2015, in the house of the actress in
Beverly hills, and the event itself was carefully classified. Even 75
invited guests from among the friends and
relatives —up to the last minute didn’t know at the
what reason they had gathered. Guests were convinced that there
the celebration of the next birthday of Justin Theroux has come at that day.
At the request of the hostess, the guests undertook to keep secret all that
was in the house of the actress. It was also strictly forbidden to do
any photos and General use of mobile phones.