Jennifer aniston tortured my husband with my diet

Дженнифер Энистон замучила мужа своими диетами
The actress is not willing to compromise their principles.

Дженнифер Энистон замучила мужа своими диетами

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer aniston has always been
very sensitive to comments about their figure. Sometime in the early
her youth she was a little overweight, and with
then doing everything possible not to return to the previous state. And
because of the tendency to rapid recruitment of extra pounds to get rid of her so
and failed, Jennifer has
to make enormous efforts to stay in shape. She has been in
sprottle six days a week and strictly watching what she eats.

And all is good, but sitting on
another draconian diet, it demands to be shared by her husband —
Justin Theroux. When it stops there is something, aniston throws
unwanted products from the refrigerator, even if they saved for themselves Theroux. As Justin
told one of his friends, now Jennifer has become
practically a vegan. She avoids not only meat and fish but also dairy
products’. Besides, aniston is fundamentally avoids all products, though
associated with soy. And Justin complained to a friend that is deadly tired
all these constraints. It’s good that he removed a lot – just this year
the screens will show four films with his participation. That Theroux is wrong
much of the time.

Recall, Jennifer and Justin
began Dating in the spring of 2011, once fell in love with each other
in the film “wanderlust”. That they are officially engaged,
Aniston and Theroux announced in August 2012. And they played only three
years later, in August 2015. Since media messages about
that Jennifer allegedly pregnant.
However, none of them yet have not been confirmed.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux