Дженнифер Энистон рассказала о продолжении сериала «Друзья»
The actress admitted that today she feels even better than in his youth.

The TV Series “Friends”

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Fans of the TV series “Friends” still waiting
continue, although since the beginning of the show it’s been 22 years (the series was released in September 1994)
and 12 years – from the end (the show finished in spring of 2004). About a possible reunion
in continuation of the “Friends” wrote many, however the film is not
came nor promised in 2014 or later. The series has brought Jennifer aniston’s immense fame and fortune.
She received 1 million dollars per episode, which at that time was
astronomical sum for a soap actress. The question of whether
the continuation of the series, she was asked more than once. The magazine “7 Days” managed to get clear
and a clear answer of the actress. “No. It’s impossible. The past should stay in the past. What
the nostalgia we’ve experienced,” replied Jennifer.

While 47-year-old actress says:
“Compared to youth and youth now I feel much better! And not just physically, but mentally. Have you noticed that many women who turned
50, look amazing, fantastic? All because we
women after moving abroad at the age of forty, we begin to take care of
myself a lot more. In any case, it should be. Recently, I heard from
one man, not the youthful: “Yes, today women over forty look
quite nice!” In her voice — a sweet indulgence with a light
a touch of wonder.

Exclusive interview
Jennifer aniston magazine “7 Days”, please click here.

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