Jennifer aniston shared her plans for motherhood

Дженнифер Энистон поделилась своими планами на материнство
The actress has promised to tell about her pregnancy.

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer aniston could not stand the constant rumors about his
pregnancy. After the recent bad photo on the beach, where the actress really
looked like she was “in position”, the paparazzi began a real hunt for
Jennifer — hoping to get some new “evidence”.
To stop this, she was forced to write in one popular edition
open letter.

“I’m not pregnant! Remember this, please. But I’m fed up with — what I
do not give step to step to me take a picture and then discuss endlessly
my figure!” — wrote the actress in his message to the Huffington Post.

“The whole story again got me thinking about
how we all treat women. You may think that without
to become someone’s wife and have children, the woman is neither valid
as a person, or even just happy!” — said the actress. “It is
I may one day really become a mother. But then, can be
sure, you know immediately from me personally!” — promised aniston.

In fact, a keen interest in the question of whether or not
whether preparing Jennifer to have a baby, appeared many years ago, back in those
the days when she was the wife of brad pitt. Then pitt has repeatedly stated
your desire to have children. But Jennifer for five years
marriage was never happy with his child.

At the time, wrote that she didn’t want to bring in
the sacrifice of his successful career. After all, how once in a while Jennifer starred in “Friends” — the show that made her a real star. Moreover, as argued
gossip, pitt left aniston then, first of all, because Angelina Jolie made
an indelible impression on him as a single mother, wharewaka to combine
working and raising her son Maddox. Besides, Angelina did not hide his
desire to get together with pitt a whole gang of kids…

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