Дженнифер Энистон похудела от стресса
The actress could not stand the harassment.

Дженнифер Энистон похудела от стресса

the other day on the streets of new York city, Jennifer aniston wowed constantly pursuing
her paparazzi an unexpected thinness. Besides, the actress carefully hid her
the face under the scarf, not like her at all. She nervously looked back
and it seemed absolutely persecuted. What happened to the actress?

Just a couple
weeks ago, the Internet literally blew up the news that Jennifer aniston will finally become a mother. This conclusion was made by paparazzi after photographed
her pleasure in the tiny bikini. On pictures actress stomach and in the
the thing looked suspiciously rounded. However, the very next
day, the representative of the actress denied “sensation” saying that it was just
joke Jennifer, specially left on the beach after a hearty lunch.

However, the story
did not end there. The paparazzi did not believe in the explanation of a press agent
actress, constantly kept on her hunt and made all new images its not
quite a flat belly… And after that, almost every day in one or the other
the newspaper had headlines: “still, she’s pregnant!”

In the end, this persecution brought, according to one
friends of aniston, who told his
history edition of Star Magazine, poor Jennifer almost
to a nervous breakdown. The actress almost stopped eating and started rapidly losing weight…
But if she just dropped a few pounds, it would be just not
scary. The problem is that the nerves aniston came in a deplorable condition. Probably
she had to be careful not to be substituted for the relaxation to the lenses. After all
the theme of pregnancy in General is very painful for Jennifer, which has long dreamed of becoming
mom, but still cannot achieve the result. But time does not stand still — aniston, who last year became the lawful wife of Justin Theroux, age 47 years…

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