Дженнифер Энистон подозревают в нападении на бывшего мужа

In mass media appeared information that the 50-year-old Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston tried to attack ex-husband Justin Theroux a few months after the breakup.

Foreign edition of the “Radar Online” claims that he became aware that the police in California mansion Jennifer aniston April 18, 2018 — two months after the public announcement of the spouses of the gap. And if you could think that the victim in this situation was the actress, then hurry to please you – all the way around.

According to police records, received a signal that in the garage of the mansion in California to a woman “without clothes” threatened with a knife man. And that previously at this address has already been calls in connection with domestic violence. But, according to official police records, “there was no evidence of unpleasant incident.” Arrests have been made. The report also law enforcement officers not listed the names of the inhabitants of the mansion.

However, insiders reported that between Jennifer and Justin have often sparked heated argument. So, they are very serious fight on 14 December 2017 — after which Theroux moved out of the hotel. As said friends of the actor, he managed to “slip away” before it came to blows.

Interestingly, 4 days after calling the police to the mansion and Jennifer was seen with a cut on his hand. Thus, on 22 April, aniston called for the birthday of the son of TV host Jimmy Kimmel. While she had a bandaged wrist as if she was hurt. The next day her ex-husband Justin Theroux were photographed in Los Angeles.

Add Jennifer aniston’s mansion in California is located in the district where the homes and other celebrities, including beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Jennifer Lopez.

A source in Hollywood suggested that the police could be cheated in this challenge to aniston.

“Drawings of celebrity homes occur regularly, the security service dealt with the situation,” — said the source.

We will remind, in the beginning of 2018 Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston announced their separation. The news shocked fans, who immediately began to present their version of the causes of the incident. Justin Theroux for the first time gave comments about the divorce from Jennifer in an interview with the New York Times.

“The good news is that it probably was the most gentle breakup without any feelings of hostility”, so “interesting,” commented Theroux breakup with aniston.

As said Theroux, the decision to leave has not come suddenly:

“It was just inevitable — we both moved in that direction… But again, no one of us died, and no one wants to throw at each other with axes. It’s more like a friendly separation. Yeah, I know, to many this may seem boring. But we respected each other enough to make the break as seamless as possible. The heartbreaking point here is only that between us will not be the same friendship it was before.”

That breakup is not the end of life and need to accept them, spoke in interviews and Jennifer aniston.

“I don’t feel emptiness. In my opinion, my marriage was very successful. And when they came to an end, it was a choice, we decided to be happy. Sometimes happiness depends on the breakup. Of course, it was hard and everyone was sad, but in the end, life is one, I wouldn’t be able to continue the relationship for fear of loneliness. Marriage out of fear is a disservice. I don’t consider it a failure,” admitted Jennifer.

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