Jennifer aniston ignored the funeral of a beloved aunt

Дженнифер Энистон проигнорировала похороны любимой тети
Fans disappointed by the callousness of the actress.

Jennifer Aniston


reported by overseas media, recently passed away aunt, 48-year-old Jennifer
Aniston — Papasifakis Mary, the sister of the father of the actress — John. Mary, which is a lot
worked with Jennifer in childhood, passed away after a long illness. According to
available information, Papasifakis died from complications of cancer
disease. However,
as it became known, aniston did not deign to come to the funeral Papasifakis,
which she called her favorite aunt. Moreover, Mary, though about five years, and was treated in the United States or in Pensilvania, Jennifer never bothered to visit
a sick relative.

By the way, this story reminded
another sad and not too flattering for aniston incident from the life of the actress,
associated with her mother Nancy Dow, who died in 2011-m to year. Aniston then not only
did not attend his mother’s funeral, and even refused to pick up her ashes from
the crematorium!

In fairness, we note that Nancy and Jennifer were
an uneasy relationship. As she told the actress, they started to fight even
in those days, when aniston was a teenager. Then things got worse: when Jennifer became a star, Nancy wrote a memoir
“From mother and daughter to friends: a Memoir”, in which he put aniston in a very
an unfavorable light. Since then, and it happened in 1996, Jennifer made the contacts
mother to a minimum. They say they haven’t seen in almost 20 years. And only
shortly before the death of his mother, Jennifer, still deign to visit his mother. But it was
it’s too late — Nancy was so bad that he could not speak. Unknown
even found out whether she is the daughter… And yet, despite all the difficulties, fans of aniston have decided that the behavior of the actress, and ignored the funeral of his mother, testified about her callousness.