Дженнифер Энистон ссорится с мужем из-за его бывшей
Heidi Bivens wants to discourage your loved one from aniston.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux

Photo: Instagram.com

Jennifer aniston has never hid the fact that in
her relationship with her husband there are UPS and downs and that sometimes they fight,
as, however, almost any married couple. But recent spats have become much more likely. The latter was tied to ex-girlfriend
Justin Theroux — Heidi Bivens. This story was told to the publication Star Magazine.

It began with the fact that 47-year-old Jennifer and 45-year-old Justin,
recently without special solemnity celebrated the first wedding anniversary, decided to acquire a property somewhere warm
the edges. Jennifer offered to buy a house in the vicinity of the beloved
actress Mexico city. But Justin offered another option — Kauai (one of the Islands
The Hawaiian archipelago), and he showed a rare determination. Jennifer
he guessed why her husband so
committed on Kauai. Here is the home of his former civil wife, Heidi Bivens: Theroux lived with her for 14 years!

When Justin met aniston on the set
the movie “wanderlust”, he still was in a relationship with Heidi. Moreover, Bivens, and its
the mother was almost sure that soon Theroux will make your friend an offer. Instead
this Justin started Dating aniston. A few months later, the information about this affair broke in the press, but he continued to assure Bivens that all of this –
empty rumors. When Heidi finally realized that Theroux is in fact a long time betrayed her, she could not believe that her beloved could do that to her. This recently told in an interview with Radar.online.mother Heidi Marilyn Bivens.

Given the length of the relationship with Justin
Heidi, not surprisingly, he never broke completely with their
contacts with Bivens. Even when aniston officially became first his girlfriend and later wife. Periodically Theroux and his ex called up. That before
become the reason for quarrels of Justin and Jennifer. But this time, aniston decided
that the situation is out of control. She stated that she does not want to live
near Bivens that he attempts to return to Theroux. This led
the quarrel between the spouses. However, we hope that aniston and Theroux will be able to find
exit from a conflict situation.