Jennifer aniston fights with her husband because of the work schedule

Дженнифер Энистон ссорится с мужем из-за рабочего графика

Justin Teru, beloved husband of Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston forced to go to another continent to Australia for six months to continue his work in the TV show “Leftovers”. The third season of the TV show producers moved to Australia in order to save, and Justin, the key figure of the show, had to obey. His wife, this turn of events is not happy, because she as Decembrist wife, went with him to new York. Life on two continents can be difficult and without that not cloudless relations.

Aniston believes that her husband is better to abandon this work and generally engage with the television series and begin full-length films, and even better – to write the script, after all, so n could accompany her on set while working. Justin refuses to leave the project, especially because he signed a contract for seven seasons.
Recall that Jennifer and so easy. If you believe the insider, aniston has been badgering their own father, requiring her grandchildren. His son was a small child, but they are not too close, and the only hope of an elderly parent that will give him grandchildren Jennifer. The prolonged absence of a spouse daughter can only delay this event.