Jennifer aniston does not communicate with a dying mother

Дженнифер Энистон не общается с умирающей матерью

Cute smiling actress Jennifer aniston – charm, but the star of the TV series “Friends” and their skeletons in the closet. It turns out that the artist refuses to communicate with her mother Nancy Dow, who is at death.

A source close to Jennifer said that “it is a matter of a few months, she’s very weak.” Now Nancy is at the Lakeside Community Healthcare, where she was placed by the guardian.
“She’s in pain. I saw it transported in a wheelchair. She was so weak.. sad sight” said the insider.
However, my own daughter so you will not catch. Jennifer now lives near his mother, but hardly sees her. It seems that aniston does not want to have anything to do with her. A point of contention between the native people became a book of memoirs written by Nancy “From mother and daughter to friends: a Memoir” (“From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir”). Jennifer believes that her mother simply used her fame to make a name for themselves. Also, according to the actress, her mother always disliked it, because their children are unable to realize herself as an actress.
Because of resentment at her mother, Jen didn’t invite her to her wedding with Brad pitt, and after – and with Justin Theroux, her new husband.
The source claims that aniston’s mother stayed only a few months, but it melted the heart of the actress.
“Jennifer is still resentful at her mother, but she doesn’t need gifts or money, just to talk, to ask forgiveness..
Jen never calls the mother does not check her health. It seems that the mother doesn’t exist for it. Probably Nancy did die, not having received the forgiveness of his daughter, will die with a broken heart. Jennifer should be ashamed of” — said the insider.

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