Дженнифер Энистон не получила наследства от своей покойной мамы

For anybody not a secret that relationships Jennifer aniston’s mom not evolved throughout the age of the actress. The star of Hollywood comedies made no secret that she is quite cold to his mother, and all because of her bullying her in adolescence, and then due to the attempt of Nancy Dow to cash in on the fame of his daughter, especially in those times when she was married to brad pitt. Nancy even published a scandalous book about famous daughter, where he tried to talk about it “some revelation.”

Of course, to forgive my mom like that for Jen it was extremely difficult, but also the mother held the daughter of the offense, the result – aniston has not received a penny of the inheritance. By the way, nothing from my mom got an older brother of actress — John. All the property has inherited a distant relative, whose name is yet unknown.

Recall that Jennifer aniston’s mother died in may 2016 at the age of 79 years after a long illness.


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