Jennifer aniston decided to adopt a child

Дженнифер Энистон решилась на усыновление ребенка

The former “Friends” star did not leave the desire to become a mother. And had been watching a baby in the orphanages.

Journalists repeatedly attributed aniston pregnancy. They say it’s time! And the star said that “childfree” itself certainly does not rank and will be thrilled if it happen to be a mom.

And it seems that this moment has come. Jennifer started to actively search for the little boy in orphanages, according to Radar Online.

At the request of the insider, a celebrity for several years supported two Mexican orphanages. Moreover, often playing with the children all weekend.

“In orphanages Jen feels that self-actualization, which does not give her marriage with Justin Theroux, admits the source. She expressed a desire to take one of the kids to constantly feel like a mother. Now for Jen pick the right baby.”

In addition, according to friends of the actress, the decision was influenced by aniston’s ex-husband brad pitt. The stars really bonded after the breakup of brad with Jolie. And he managed to convince her that she’ll make a wonderful mother.

As for most Actresses, she abstains from comments. Maybe it’s because I’ve already told you all months ago, published a huge monologue about the children.

“A huge amount of resources wasted on trying to figure out whether I am or not. It is believed that if a woman is living in a marriage without children, she is unhappy and incomplete. So understand, we fully paired or not, with child or without him. Only we to decide for themselves what “happily ever after”. We use “celebrity news” in order to perpetuate the dehumanization, the focus of the world solely on appearance. So many events happening around the world: mass shootings, wildfires, preparation for the elections; so maybe the journalists to pay attention to it? Maybe I’ll be a mother someday, but I’m not in the pursuit of motherhood. And believe me, I will be the first from whom did you learn this news,” said aniston about sore in your essay.