Jennifer aniston created a scandal because of the intimate correspondence of Justin Theroux with a young actress

Дженнифер Энистон закатила скандал из-за интимной переписки Джастина Теру с молодой актрисой

There is an opinion that is jealous only one who is capable of treason. Not so long ago we talked about the fears Justin Theroux in relation to Jennifer aniston. Actor and screenwriter was worried about the fact that his wife reconnected with her ex-husband brad pitt and frequently corresponded with him via SMS. Now he Round forced the wife to worry. The reason, I have to say is quite serious.

As they say close to a pair of informants, on the phone to her blessed aniston discovered his correspondence with the 28-year-old actress Emily Meade.

Emily and Justin met on the set of the series “Left behind”. And although work on the detective drama ended in 2014, the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Theroux continued to chat. According to Jen, it’s “communication” is rather a suspicious character. Aniston is afraid that the foreign Ministry and Theroux can be lovers.

By the way, about discovered correspondence Jen said to Justin, after which the couple took a serious quarrel. During the scandal the actress was saying, “Friends don’t write that!”.

I hope that “insiders and informants” once again, just speculating and really, no scandals no one in the family.