Jennifer aniston broke a rib counterpart in the film

Дженнифер Энистон сломала ребро коллеге по фильму

On the set of a project sometimes accidents happen. So, on the set of “Star wars” a broken leg got Harrison Ford on the set of the new “resident evil” suffered by the alternate Milla Jovovich and filming of the Comedy “Christmas office party” was a broken rib actor Jay Miller.

As it turned out, the latter struck his colleague on the project is Jennifer aniston.

The actors played in the Comedy brother and sister, who often argue and even fight. And in one scene, apparently, Jennifer some have not calculated their strength — and as a result T. J. Miller found himself on a hospital bed.

Now the actor’s health is not in danger. He’s already back to normal life and is already preparing together with aniston and other colleagues in the film to present “new year party” to the audience.

The film’s plot is simple: sister (aniston), as General Director of the company, threatened by his brother (Miller), working in the office of the organisation, closure. The same, trying to save the firm, arranges Grand new year party with the goal of having a very important client – but the party gets out of control.

The premiere of the Comedy planned for December of this year.