Jennifer aniston and her husband Justin Theroux use the same beauty products

Дженнифер Энистон и ее муж Джастин Теру пользуются одними и теми же бьюти-продуктами
The actress endorses the husband to love his desire to monitor their appearance.

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux


Jennifer aniston, recently celebrated its second wedding anniversary with her husband Justin Theroux, made an unexpected confession. It turns out that her beloved husband loves to use all beauty products that are on her shelf in the bathroom. Not only that, Justin washing his hair with the same shampoo that Jen uses the same masks, mousses and balms. He is always exactly follows the preferences of his wife to creams for face and body. In other words, Theroux is not troubled by search of a cosmetic means for men, and simply “steals” confessed Jennifer, they have it.

But aniston doesn’t mind. She is happy that her husband wants to emulate her around. No wonder the couple love to dress in similar outfits, the appropriate style and color, and just appear on people. All this only shows that they still love each other, despite the endless rumors and predictions about the imminent breakup and infidelity Theroux. On the days the couple said “paper wedding” two years ago, Theroux and aniston were married in Mexico in strict secrecy and in the presence of only closest friends.

At Theroux recently finished shooting in Australia third season of the series “Left behind”. And Jennifer got an offer from Reese Witherspoon to participate in the new producer project — a series about the morning show. Jennifer long thought about returning to television and very excited to able to remember his youth and his triumphant participation in the popular show “Friends”.