Jennifer aniston accused of ingratitude and cruelty

Дженнифер Энистон обвинили в неблагодарности и жестокости The nurse mother of the actress wrote a book about the last years of the life of his ward. She expressed the desire to show “the true face of” Jennifer aniston and make her regret it.

      Дженнифер Энистон обвинили в неблагодарности и жестокости

      Employees publisher did not disclose the name of the book or the author’s name, but say that readers will see “the true face of Jennifer aniston”. “The whole world thinks of her smiling really cute, but with her mother she acted callously,” they say. And add that they are ready for trial, if the actress will try to prohibit publication.

      Many friends Jennifer believe that she had nothing to worry about. First, the past 20 years, she almost did not communicate with his mother, Nancy Dow, is not a secret and not a sensation. Secondly, the nurse recognizes that he had met with the actress a few times, and information culled from overheard telephone conversations. But in this way the book will not gain. Jennifer is worried because guess where former assistant Nancy took most of the material…

      Chatterbox – a godsend for a spy

      In 1999, Nancy Dow and she wrote a book about a famous daughter, though by the time they have three years were in a fight. Jen was mad at the mother for an interview with the television program Hard Copy, in which Nancy announced the success of Jen a result of their parent feat. Later, the actress said that it is meant:

      “Mother mercilessly criticized me. She was a model, striking a woman. And I was neither outstanding beauty nor grace of the body, moreover, had dyslexia and was known as a blunt. Mom was ashamed that I had such a ridiculous daughter. She had a terrible temper, and she did not hesitate to give him the will – staged tantrums, could mean that he’s never apologized. And she long remembered even the smallest of insults”.
      Дженнифер Энистон обвинили в неблагодарности и жестокости

      After the release of the memoirs of Nancy the daughter talked to her before his divorce from brad pitt in 2005. In this difficult time Jennifer needed support – I called my mother, she showed sympathy, the relationship seems to have started to improve. But to meet face to face they never had a chance. Jen again cut off communication with the mother, learning that Nancy carefully records all of her emotional outpouring, likely considering them as the basis for a new book. The actress could only hope that one day she will inherit the archive and Nancy will be able to burn it.


      Дженнифер Энистон обвинили в неблагодарности и жестокости

      When, in 2011, Nancy came down with a stroke, Jen for the first time in many years to see her. Came to the hospital, talked with doctors, paid the bills for treatment. Beyond this, the reconciliation didn’t go. Neighbors Nancy at home in North Hollywood, where she lived, never saw her daughter.

      “Nancy with the same success could be lonely, they say. – Fragile helpless elderly woman, almost no one visited.”

      Nancy never visited her daughter and Jennifer for the first time crossed the threshold of the apartment of the mother only after her death – came with her husband Justin Theroux at the funeral home. After cremation her as the nearest relative tried to give him the urn, which she flatly refused.

      On the reading of the will revealed that Nancy didn’t leave Jen with nothing. Flat and more than a million dollars of savings went to distant relatives. “Nancy was very tight, she was saving alimony, which is paid to her father Jen, instead of spending it on the child, say family friends. – If honestly, the money always belonged to Jen”.

      Actress in vain don’t want the house a million, her only concern is the fate of the archives Nancy is a treasure trove of very personal information about Jennifer. He is now in the hands of others, along with the rest of the inheritance. Probably the nurse have time to read it and nigergate stories for the book during the life of Nancy, and how they will dispose of the current owners, aniston is scared to even think.