Джена Дьюэнн в книге описала свой тяжелый развод

38-year-old actress Jenna Dewan and the 39-year-old Channing Tatum for a year separated after nine years of marriage. Enough time has passed to forget about the divorce, but Jenna still experiencing and describes his feelings in the book.

Now Jenna and Channing have their own personal life, their paths do not intersect. However, Duann produces a book which describes in detail their divorce, and how she found it difficult in this period of life. According to celebrity, at one point she realized that her relationship with her husband not making her happy and their joint daughter. Jenna herself took the decision to divorce, all realized and only after it was over she felt emotional pain.

The couple started Dating in 2006, and officially legalized their relationship in 2009. Six years ago they became parents for the first time, the light appeared to their daughter Everly. Jenna and Channing in a serious talking to and decided on divorce the night before the filming of the second season of the show “World of dance”. The whole filming process was great, no one even suspected that a family has the disorder because they decided not to announce its decision. But Jenna told me that to keep my emotions in itself was very difficult, she is an outdoor person and not accustomed to hide their feelings to society.

Now the actress is happy and pregnant with a second child. Father will be the American actor and singer Steve Qazi, who is older than Jenna for 5 years. The star admits that the news of the pregnancy became for her a big surprise. Changes in life found her own, the moment she was waiting for them. Yet Steve didn’t offer of marriage, but the couple lives together.

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