Дженна Коулман рассказала о своих отношениях с принцем Гарри
The actress decided to become not a Princess but a Queen.

Дженна Коулман рассказала о своих отношениях с принцем Гарри

Jenna Coleman

Photo: Splash News/East news

Prince Harry

At the recent television programme “Good morning,
Britain” actress jenna Coleman
invited to she spoke about the work in his new
series. It was supposed to go about filming
in the TV show “Victoria” where Coleman plays a major role. But the conversation suddenly took a different turn: the leading Kate Garraway began
to ask jenna about her relationship with
Prince Harry.

The fact that last summer jenna
repeatedly seen in the company of a younger brother of William. Moreover, one of the
photos taken by the paparazzi, they captured the moment when they were
busy is clearly not the usual small talk. The Prince, who this fall celebrates 32 years, and 30-year-old Coleman was sitting in the stands sports
the arena, which hosted the competition Polo players, huddled close to each other.
Moreover, Harry kept his hand on her knee, and she. With undisguised adoration looked him in the eye…

However, their romance was short-lived. Said
when the actress was offered a very promising job in the series about life
Queen Victoria, a real flirt with the Prince she preferred the role of Queen on the screen.

And now the host of the TV show decided
tease jenna. “I saw your picture with Harry. I believe that it was all
solely for your preparation for the role — the research on the topic of manners
of the Royal family?” — not without malice she asked. But Coleman, not
losing self-control, as if nothing had happened, he replied: “No, just Harry
my friend!” Than Jenna proved she
perfectly able to control himself, and no matter what she turned out to be an excellent wife for

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