Jeanne Epple was overtaken by remorse for the connection with a famous married man

Жанну Эппле настигло раскаяние за связь с известным женатым мужчиной
The actress publicly apologized to Katie Gordon.

Жанну Эппле настигло раскаяние за связь с известным женатым мужчиной

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Katya Gordon and Jeanne Epple came face-to-face in the program “the Secret to a million” with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Two artists linked by a long history: when Gordon was pregnant with their first child, Epple slept with her husband — Sergey Garinim. The lawyer was not able to conceal from his wife having an affair and scandal. Only now, six years later, Katya and Jeanne got out.

Jeanne did not deny that he had a mistress Gorina and even apologized to Kate. His action, she explained simply, she’s driven by selfish goals. Sergei could help Epple repay the dollar loan. By the way, he paid for the wedding of the eldest son of Zhanna. Katya admitted that he was shocked by the lack of solidarity among women, Jeanne.

Zhanna Epple

Photo: @epple.ymnaya Instagram Zhanna Epple

“I don’t understand these women, for whom sex and desire to a man are above some solidarity. Jeanne knew that I was pregnant, to her had to tell Anfisa Chekhov or the Zhorin. However, it did not stop her. By the way, due to the fact that Joan loves to gossip, and I know how Sergei knew all about Anfisa Chekhova. As a result, now Joan and Naomi are already not friends!” — said Katya.

Jeanne made a public apology to Gordon. She admitted that I regret. Katya apology accepted and hinted that maybe in the future you will find Jeanne, a common language. But only if Epple never had an affair with a married man.