Жанна Эппле сделала операцию на глазах
The actress is afraid to remain without work because of health problems.

Жанна Эппле сделала операцию на глазах

Zhanna Epple

Photo: @epple.ymnaya (Instagram Zhanna Epple)

After the recent birthday of the 52-year-old Zhanna Epple decided
make yourself another gift. The actress has done surgery on eyes. Moreover, in
unlike many stars, she did not hide it. “I’m not afraid of old age. So
think a lot about her, and that it is not fear, — confessed Epple. — I will just
to live through all the peeling and swelling, pulling and sediments. The varicose veins and
hypertension, hair loss and yellowing of the nails. But I terribly miss that
then I wouldn’t be able to work as a actress. Old actress no one needs… Today
I had surgery on the eyes. Diagnosis: hypermetropia of a weak degree
presbyopia of both eyes, PHRD right eye. Prophylactic laser done
coagulation of the retina”.

Due to the modern technology Lasik eye surgery does not require
hospitalization, therefore, Epple on the same day went home.

Zhanna Epple Professor Igor Medvedev after surgery

Photo: @epple.ymnaya (Instagram Zhanna Epple)

Jeanne watches over his health and appearance, she always enjoys
the services of massage therapists and beauticians, so looks great and full of energy. Your day
of birth, for example, met in the way, the actress was on tour and in the evening
played the show in Tambov.

A knowledge associated with a healthy lifestyle, by the way, she learned
during the recording of the TV program “No taboo”. Epple is leading this
educational show and there became acquainted with many leading physicians
of the country.

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