Жан-Клод Ван Дамм представил трейлер ремейка «Кикбоксера»

Popular stars of the 80’s-90 take the remakes and sequels of paintings that they had previously brought the popular. So, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the sequel to the Terminator, Sylvester Stallone tried to learn to fight guy in the sequel to “rocky” — “creed”. To repeat the success of their colleagues now will try Jean-Claude van Damme.

55-year-old actor undertook the remake of the legendary movie “Kickboxer”/”Kickboxer”, which first appeared on the big screen in 1989.

The plot revolves around the brothers of the California soldiers of the dynasty of David and Kurt Sloan. David dies in one of the fights in Hong Kong. On hearing this, Kurt travels to Thailand to our coach, which expects to find the strength of will to avenge his brother’s death.

In the picture Jean-Claude plays the role of Master Durand, who, apparently, will direct the boys in combat.

Premiere of “Kickboxer” is planned for 2016, but now that we have the opportunity to evaluate the teaser for the upcoming film.

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