Jean and Dana Alibekova nearly crashed during filming of “Battle of psychics”

Жан и Дана Алибековы едва не разбились во время съемок «Битвы экстрасенсов» The participants could fall from a great height. In the new edition of the show Jean and Dana Alibekova visited the Sochi summer residence of Joseph Stalin, where he tried to find out the true cause of death of Soviet leader.

The eighteenth season of “the Battle of psychics” is coming to an end. Now only five members, and each of them dreams of victory. For the sake of passing the next test, the mediums and the wizards are even willing to risk his life.

So, on the set of one of the last issues, Jean and Dana Alibekova almost fell from a great height. Place the test became a summer residence of Stalin in Sochi. Brother and sister had to tell the owner of the property, standing on the edge of the deep pool. Here, there have been numerous physiotherapy leader of the proletariat.

“It is very risky. If the masked man decides to go forward, a sudden jerk, we just don’t have time to stop him. Injuries can not be avoided. On the other hand, if they have psychic abilities, they will feel you are in danger,” said the members of the crew prior to the test.

Jean and Dana do if you felt ahead of the obstacle. They almost did not move, but even with masks on the eyes can tell a lot about the life of Stalin. Security alibeyov’s been following and leading Alexander Makarov. The man was all the time next to the program participants, in order to prevent the occurrence of a force majeure event.

In the end, Jean and Dana Alibekova could pass a dangerous test. They saw the dark aura around the owner of the building. Also psychics have said and mightily of this person.

Psychic from “the battle of psychics” Jean Alibekov: “On the Hill I was left with good memories”

However, most of the jury members were impressed by the work of Constantin Hecate. The man was able not only to accurately describe the appearance policy, but also revealed several important facts from the life of Stalin. Such details, according to the staff of the Museum-villas, could know only an experienced historian.

What Constantine eventually got a regular white envelope. Since the project only strong psychics, candidate for the shootout was never defined.

Presenter Marat Basharov said that the call of Constantine the winner too early, because the owners of the coveted prize often become so-called “dark horses”. In the next release, fans of the show will be able to learn the names of the semi-finalists of the 18th season of “Battle of psychics”.