Jay-Z writes response to “Lemonade”, Beyonce

Джей Зи пишет ответ на «Lemonade» Бейонсе

New album Beyonce Lemonade saw the light April 23. Hardly a Studio album was available to fans of the singer, he has generated a lot of rumors and speculation on the subject of what is sung in each of the songs. In particular, through beyoncé songs told about the cheating husband and bullying father.

The representative of the couple immediately noted that all of what is referred to in the texts — a fiction, not autobiography. However, fans believe in every word spoken Beyonce in the album, and began to sympathize with her and pity.

And was it worth doing?

Close to the family insider told the whole truth about Lemonade. The informant noted that because Jay-Z, in addition, that is the husband of Beyonce, and even her producer, each song claimed personally. He knows them by heart. Because if there really was a speech about his infidelities, is unlikely to be the Studio recording was implemented.

“JZ participated in the creation of “Lemonade” by heart and knows every song there, said the insider. The lyrics he read, for the release claimed, all the consequences he could foresee. Jay is a very smart businessman. Yes, they both are not fools and know how to make money”. The last conclusion is especially true, because today it became known that on the basis of “Lemonade”, Beyonce Jay Z would write their new album. That is to say, the answer to his wife.

Obviously, any action of the pair thought out in advance and scandals with “cheating” including.

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