Jay-Z was the illegitimate son of

У Джей-Зи нашёлся внебрачный сын

All the while considering what the outcome of a family crisis of beyoncé and Jay-Z and if they were going to have another baby, some Satterthwait Wanda argues that she is raising a first-born rapper, who is now not a lot, nor less than 22 years.

The mother of a boy named Rimir argues that in coming days intends to sue Jay-Z and establish paternity. Wanda has also posted a video which expresses his fear that the 46-year-old singer will be avoided a DNA test and recognition of Rimera his legitimate heir.
“My name is Wanda Satterthwait, I’m the mother of Rimera of Satterwaite. Today 20 April 2016 and I want the whole world to know that I support my son, whose father is Shawn Corey Carter. I insist on this..” the woman said in the video. She claims she got pregnant when she was Dating Sean for more than twenty years ago.
“I wanted to establish paternity, but there was nothing she could do. Now the Governor of Pennsylvania is considering information regarding allegations of fraudulent activities in Philadelphia regarding court decisions that have modified or removed the names and dates to prevent me to seek the truth. But I’m not going to give up and never will! My son deserves the recognition of the father!” said Wanda.
Recall that in marriage with Beyonce Jay-Z brings-year-old daughter blue ivy, and while this is the only official child of the rapper. Representatives of the contractor not comment on the charges Wanda.

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