Jay Z wants to make amends with Kanye West

Джей Зи хочет помириться с Канье Уэстом
Last year Kim Kardashian was robbed, after this incident, the relationship between the two rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z, has deteriorated.

Джей Зи хочет помириться с Канье Уэстом

Kanye West held a grudge against his friend, because he didn’t even call to support it. After that the musicians began to speak negatively against each other.

Джей Зи хочет помириться с Канье Уэстом

“I had to tell him that he’s my brother and I love him very much. But between us there’s still tension. I admit that I was hurting him, because none of us are perfect. I hope that in old age we had a laugh will remember these terrible times,” admitted Jay-Z in a recent interview.

Yet Kanye did not respond to the words of the rapper. Apparently he is not up to this, as soon the surrogate mother give birth to him and his wife Kim third child.

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