Jay Z told about the problems in the relationship with Beyonce

Джей Зи поведал о проблемах в отношениях с Бейонсе
Star family Jay Z and Beyonce is considered to be one of the most sturdy and beautiful in the West.

Джей Зи поведал о проблемах в отношениях с Бейонсе

The couple have been together for nine years and has three children. Recently, Beyonce gave her husband the twins, Rumi and Sir.

But media often report that the couple had a fight and are on the verge of divorce. Recently Jay-Z released a new album, which has a pretty straightforward song.

“This is my real life. And one day I found this wonderful place. Here was built a large and beautiful house of our relations. But he wasn’t 100% built on truth, so cracked. Some things are impossible to hide, and sees the public,” says the man.

I hope that all the problems the couple behind us, and they will no longer disappoint his fans.

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