Jay-Z is the illegitimate son of the media claim

У Джей-Зи есть внебрачный сын — уверяют СМИ

American Wanda Satterthwaite stated that she has a baby with rapper Jay-Z, husband of Beyonce, and she intends to prove paternity through court.

New album, Beyonce (Beyonce) Lemonade provoked the rumors that the relations of the singer and her husband, rapper Jay-Z (Jay Z), is not going smoothly. In the songs included in the album, beyoncé sings about her husband’s infidelity and warns him about the possibility of “losing his wife”. At a concert in Miami, the singer from the stage, admitted to the spouse in love and dedicated to him the song Halo, and then appeared on the 2016 Met Gala alone.

As the portal RadarOnline.com at the same time Jay-Z was an illegitimate child. This was told by the mother of the first-born rapper Satterthwait Wanda (Wanda Satterthwaite is). In an interview she stated that she has a son Raymer (Rymir), with whom she had more than 20 years ago when I met Jay-Z.

Satterthwait intends to prove the paternity of the rapper in court, forcing him to undergo a DNA test because he believes that her son has the right to be recognized as father.

Jay-Z also has a daughter with beyoncé, blue ivy Carter (Blue Ivy Carter). In January 2016 girl was four years old.

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