Джей-Зи впервые прокомментировал альбом Бейонсе Lemonade

After the release of the provocative Beyonce Lemonade album, which the singer hints at infidelity of her husband Jay-Z, the rapper for the first time commented on the situation.

Album Beyonce (Beyonce) Lemonade shaken the faith of fans of the singer in her, at first sight, the perfect marriage with Jay-Z (Jay Z). New songs Beyonce sings about her husband’s infidelity and the difficulties of family life. After the premiere disc, the rapper did not give any comment, however, was present at the concert of his wife in Miami, which dispelled the rumors about the divorce.

Insiders claim that the musicians are not going to give interviews to the press and comment on the content of the songs of Beyonce, and instead will release a collaborative album, which will answer all the questions. Meanwhile, Jay-Z even more confusing fans with vague meaning of the verses in the song Fat Joe All the Way Up:

“You know You made it when the fact, Your marriage made it is worth millions. Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is survival of the littlest” — “You know when your marriage failed, it’s worth millions of dollars. Lemonade remains a popular drink and it still helps to survive the smallest”.

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