Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce

Джей-Зи изменял Бейонсе

A couple of years ago in the relations between spouses Beyonce and Jay-Z was a difficult period, the consequence of which could be a divorce. Jay-Z cheated on his lover that could not fail to affect relations. Your feelings the singer has expressed in the Lemonade album, almost every song which was about infidelity and betrayal. Jay-Z has experienced no less that villas in his work in the album album 4:44. The details on the topic pair has not publicly given, but Jay-Z said in an interview.

Джей-Зи изменял Бейонсе

Giving an interview to journalists of The New York Times, the 47-year-old musician told about the change and blamed it on a childhood in a dysfunctional district. “There had to survive. And when you go in this hard mode, and begin to behave accordingly. You have to turn off all emotion. Even with women you’re staying emotionally closed, you can not find a common language… In my case it was more serious. And from hence it comes out: infidelity.” says the rapper.

As for his wife, to Jay-Z it was difficult. It could lead to divorce. “Many people just walk away. The divorce rate is so high because most people simply don’t see ourselves.” says the rapper.

Thanks to the work and creativity the pair were able to survive the difficult times and to forgive each other. “In a hurricane the safest place is in the center. So it’s a nice place right in the midst of pain. Then we just sat there. Yes, it was not comfortable and we had a lot of conversations. The hardest thing in the world to see on someone’s face, the pain, the cause of which was you. Have to deal with them,” concluded Jay-Z.

Now the pair are happy together, and bringing up twins Rumi and Sir. “Rumi is our favorite poet with Beyonce, so we kept that name for a girl. Sir — you know, he behaves. As sir,” said Jay-Z about the choice of names for children. Eldest is daughter blue ivy is already reading own rap. “She just climbed on a chair, put my headphones on and started to read. I recorded on the phone it freestyle! Blue ivy did it in five minutes! She did “Boom-shakalaka! Boom-shakalaka!” and I realized that she knows what is the hook in music! She is five years old! How would she even know it?” says the husband of Beyonce.

Jay-z tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. He started the October tour much later than planned to spend more time with his family. “I start the tour in October specifically to be able to stay longer with my family. I think about them constantly. That’s why my tour will start so soon,” says the artist.