ДЗЕЙ-ЗИ извинился перед Бейонсе за измены

No more “Back with the long hair”. JAY-Z apologized to Beyonce for adultery, and did it very original. The rapper, who recently became a father of twins, has released a new album titled “4:44”. Yet to listen to the tracks, not all, but those who were lucky enough to do this, talk about amazing records in which the performer recalls his amorous adventures, and songs responding to the charges lyrical heroine from the album his wife Beyonce “Lemonade”.

Recall that the album, released last year, has surprised and caused not a few rumors among fans of the artist. In some songs the heroine accuses the beloved of infidelity with a “Becky” suffers from mental anguish and all that. Fans of Beyonce immediately began to look for the other woman, and he fought against several celebrities, and even had to take the rap and explained, vowing in the absence of an affair with JAY-Z.
“If my kids found out everything I’ve done, I don’t even know what I would have told them. If they change opinion about me, I’ll just die of shame. What did you do and with whom?” — the rapper sings in the song “4:44” and in the song “Family Feud” he responds with the same “Becky”, “Leave me alone, leave me alone, Becky”.
Well, prepare to dissect the rest of the songs of the rapper. Recall that JAY-Z had to go on tour in July of this year, but due to the birth of her children decided to move it in the fall.