Jay Z again changed his stage name

Джей Зи снова сменил сценическое имя

Famous American rapper Jay-Z. who last week again became a father, decided to change the name. So it is not known what influenced his decision, but Shawn Corey Carter (in real life name is a celebrity) decided to change the usual Jay-Z on JAY-Z (JAY-Z), that is his nickname now, will consist of capital letters and written with a hyphen.

For many years of musical and production career as soon as he was called, and the Jiggaman, HOV and Hova, and Jay Z and now JAY-Z.
A few hours ago, the rapper was seen leaving a clinic in which (rumor has it) a week ago, there appeared his son and daughter. Along with his wife Beyonce, he brings the eldest daughter, blue ivy, which has now become a big sister. Wife for some reason do not hasten to officially announce the coming of children into the world, but the media is already tired to write about it, and even Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles is tired of waiting and officially congratulated the daughter on the birth of twins.