Javier Bardem came to the defense of woody Allen

Хавьер Бардем встал на защиту Вуди Аллена

Harvey Weinstein has influenced many lives. So the adopted daughter of woody Allen again publicly told as a child when she was only seven years old, she was subjected to mental and physical abuse by the Director. Many celebrities condemned Allen, and others supported him. 49-year-old Spanish actor Javier Bardem, who with his wife Penelope Cruz starred in woody in 2008 in the film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, came to the defense of the Director.

Хавьер Бардем встал на защиту Вуди Аллена

“I’m shocked. A court hearing in new York, and Connecticut he was acquitted. The legal situation in 2007 has not changed. If the evidence of guilt of woody Allen existed, then I would no longer work with him. But I doubt they have,” said the actor in an interview with French publication Paris Match.

“I was lucky: I was raised by a strong woman, my mother, who taught me to respect other women. Today one gets the impression that women and men are on different sides of the barricades. This is a bad example for the younger generation. After all, the goal is not to be against each other and to be together,” concluded the actor.

“Over 25 years ago, when Dylan accused me of sexual abuse clinics, Child Sexual Abuse Clinic and the New York State Child Welfare conducted a thorough investigation and independently from each other concluded that abuse was not. According to the experts of the clinic, my ex-wife MIA Farrow just been told this horror to a child, trying to take it out on me because of our breakup,” says Allen charges.

Despite the conclusion of the clinics, who conducted the investigation, Farrow still continued to prove the guilt of Allen. She chided the public for inaction. Many celebrities condemned the actions of Harvey Weinstein, who molested girls, and her words did not attach importance. But some actors have responded to the repeated statements by girls, including actor Colin Firth. He officially announced the refusal to cooperate with a famous Director in the future. His colleague Alec Baldwin, on the contrary, defended Allen. The Guardian reported that the actor has criticized stars who refused to cooperate with the Director, describing the situation as unfair. He even launched a campaign in defense of Allen on Twitter.

“Against woody Allen conducted a judicial investigation, but no criminal charges have been filed, says Baldwin. — Refusal to cooperate with him unjust. I worked with Allen three times and proud of it.”

“It all happened in a small attic in a country house with my mom in Connecticut,” said adopted daughter of the famous Director.

“He told me to lay on my stomach and play with a toy train of my brother. While I was playing, I was sexually abused. He touched fingers to my labia and my vagina.” says Dylan.

Dylan wondered why the public believes more in what she “brainwashed” mom, not in what she says. “My mom just supported me and asked to tell the truth. She never tried to come up with answers for me,” she says.