Джейсон Присли поддержал Шеннен Доэрти, борющуюся с раком

Over the years, the friendship between the stars of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” Jason Presley and Shannen Doherty , anything can happen, but now that she’s in dire need of support, he is willing to lend her his shoulder. In a recent interview with Presley called his sister serial “incredibly brave” because she publicly struggles with his disease.

“The way she fought the disease makes it incredibly daring. This is what courage one must have to post a photo with a shaved head.
Recall that breast cancer is diagnosed in her last year, and recently, the actress underwent a course of chemotherapy and shaved his head bald. 46-year-old actor still hasn’t contacted old friend directly, but will continue to support through media and social networks.
Jason said that Shannen to use her fame to “ignite the light and to help other people.” He is confident that in this battle, Doherty will come out the winner, because she’s strong nature.
“Shannen is a strong baby and a strong fighter. I know she will win and she’ll be fine,” said Presley.

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