Jason Momoa said, ” I love Emilia Clarke

Джейсон Момоа признался в любви Эмилии Кларк

One of the most charming Actresses of “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke again agreed to the nudity.

In the new episode that aired the other day, Emilia appears before us completely Nude in front of a huge fire.

In the story, the heroine Emilia Daenerys Targaryen, which is captured by the dothraki, is released due to the fact that burns the temple and its occupants.

Offer the creators of “Game of thrones” again to undress in the frame Clark were received with great joy. Here’s what the actress says about this: “I want to remind you that the last time I stripped in the third season, and now is now in its sixth season. When I was told that I need to be naked, I felt happy and agreed.

Of course, such an epic appearance of Emilia in the frame, many will remain in the memory, and the frames of the scene are likely to be spread across the Network with the same speed, as, for example, the frame of the dying in the snow John snow.

In any case, we’ll find that out later, meanwhile its support Clark decided to show her on-screen husband, played by Jason Momoa.

On his page in Instagram the actor posted a photo of the actress, and in an accompanying commentary confessed his love to her.

Literally, it looked like this: “Hahahahahahahahahahahhhahaha. I love “Game of thrones”. Don’t mess with my Boo. Emilia, I love you, moon of my life. Aloha Drogo”.

Very emotional, don’t you think?…

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