Джейсон Момоа о роли Аквамена и детстве

Jason Momoa, who played Aquaman in the same film, gave an interview to Hello! and told about how his personal experiences helped him grow into the role!

Джейсон Момоа о роли Аквамена и детстве

“I’m an actor, so I don’t always have to experience something to play it. (Laughs.) I didn’t commit all those atrocities that were doing my character Khal Drogo from “Game of thrones”. But, of course, cool when you can draw some Parallels between himself and the hero: both of us are really born at the crossroads of two cultures, and each of these cultures are not particularly interested in another. I mean that in Hawaii people do not care about the people of Iowa and Vice versa. So when I left home, I felt like a fish out of water – me, few people understand and even teased in school. Yes, and in Hawaii, when I got back there, I was there closely. All these episodes of my biography is very similar to the circumstances of life Arthur.”

Speaking on the role of Aquaman, Jason remembered their childhood. He was raised by a single mother, which also helped to grow into the role. “Our family has always consisted of only myself and my mother’s Horses, so I could understand the feelings of Arthur Curry from the movie. He is close with his single father, a lighthouse Keeper Tom, but at some point, even join with him in conflict and escapes, only to return back home to their roots. I understand it very well and I have felt like that.”

Perhaps education a mother has influenced the character of the actor. He is known for his kindness. Even when Momoa plays fierce characters and shows fury, just sentimental. It is therefore not surprising that on the set of a new project Jason was also nice. “Aquaman is such a cool cast — amber heard, Patrick Wilon, Willem Dafoe, that was hard to behave differently. I’m jealous that I wasn’t with them on the show of finished paintings, they sure had fun just so”.

“Aquaman” is the first work of the actor, which you can watch the kids. So Jason is going to watch Aquaman only with them. “Besides, I most likely will clearly sentimental’ll take Lola and Nakoa hands, maybe even cry… See, I’m already ready to cry,” says the actor. “For me, the father of 10-year-old and 11-year-old child, it will be a special moment, and I want him how to prepare.”

Jason is confident that the film will appeal to his family in Hawaii. “I myself am from the Polynesian Islands and know very well how many local beliefs, how rich our folklore and many mythical stories there are about how there were the Islands themselves: and Kanaloa, and Tomalia, and Maui. But I’m not a conventional deity, and such modern Poysedon. I also the first superhero of mixed race: half Asian, half Hawaiian. Imagine before me such heroes did not have that for 2018 a few wild. Very proud that I was able to play such a character. And I hope that now some kid with Fiji or Tahiti will watch the film and think, “Wow, and we also have a cool Hawaiian guys.” For such a reaction and removed in all of these scaly tights”.

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