Жасмин не скоро увидит мужа на свободе The arrest of businessman Ilan Shor extended to thirty days. This week wife Jasmine, was arrested on suspicion of Bank fraud. The singer believes a complete misunderstanding of what happened.

      Жасмин не скоро увидит мужа на свободе

      The family Jasmine has been a lot of trouble. This week arrested the husband of the singer, the Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor, on suspicion of Bank fraud. The family is sincerely hoped that the incident with owner, is accident, and was soon released.

      However Balkanski court of Chisinau issued a new decree according to which the arrest of the shore is extended to thirty days. The businessman will have custody while the police are investigating a case of fraud amounting to billion euros.

      “It’s a complete misunderstanding! I believe that the Prosecutor exceeded his authority. For me it’s a shock, but I really hope that by Friday everything will be resolved,” – said Jasmine “StarHit”.

      No doubt, that the famous singer is insanely worried about her husband. It supports it as you can, and believe that everything will turn out in his favor.

      Recall that in late April, Jasmine and Ilan became parents. Baby named Myron. For Jasmine, this is the third child, so now she is a mother of many children. All the free time the artist dedicates to the newborn and the eldest daughter and son. The star is not easy to cope immediately with all the heirs, but she tries to be patient.

      “There was one time when I went out of my mind. Margaret was unwell, had a high temperature. And I was between her and Myron. And then Mike comes up to me: “Mom, I need to talk to you on important business.” If this Myron is crying to feed him, Margarita with a temperature lying sobs. In General, I thought, “my God! I will break apart if it is going to happen every day. I’ll go crazy!” But then I got ready, took himself in hand. I just had to get through this time” – complained the actress in an interview with reporters.

      Some time Jasmine will have an even more difficult, because a number will not be her “right hand”, beloved wife. However, fans are confident that as an experienced mom, the singer will definitely cope with some difficulties that are experienced by all parents of young children. It is possible that Ilana let go earlier than the month if the investigation reveals that his arrest was really wrong.

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