Jasmine told that it is sometimes forced to lie to her husband

Жасмин поведала о том, что иногда вынуждена врать мужу
Famous singer Jasmine is a large mother, her growing three wonderful children, two sons and a daughter.

Жасмин поведала о том, что иногда вынуждена врать мужу

Despite the fact that the family of the actress some time ago, faced with the problem, the wife of the singer Ilana Shore obvinyayut in the fraud, it is full of optimism. And recently in an interview with reporters told stories from his personal life.

Жасмин поведала о том, что иногда вынуждена врать мужу

“In the first months of a third pregnancy I was sure I was having a boy. And ultrasound confirmed my feelings. Ilan dreamed of the heir, but I wanted to see how he’d react if it was a girl. Said the “good news”, saying that waiting for another Princess. He got a little upset, but stood stoically. And so in full confidence that there will be a daughter, my husband lived just three months longer I can handle are unable. Oh, how he laughed!

But that’s not the only time I was able to trace her husband around her finger. A few years ago for father’s Day we wanted to surprise him – to fly from Moscow to Chisinau with the whole family with children and cake. It would seem, what could be easier? But not in this case… the fact that between me, Ilan and Misha wound up every half hour to report to each other who is where – so we relaxed. Considerable I had to convince the beloved that I’m home, while we raced to the airport… But in the end, all was successful!” – shared Jasmine.

Now the singer is trying to keep around a wife and hopes that they will be able to justify it.

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