Jasmine told how to lose weight after childbirth

Жасмин рассказала, как худела после родов During the third pregnancy, the singer gained 15 pounds. Jasmine admitted that almost immediately began to lose weight – balanced diet, and then went to sports. The actress is determined to return to zaberemennet form.

      Жасмин рассказала, как худела после родов

      In late April, a famous singer Jasmine became a mother for the third time. Despite the joy present in the family long-awaited son, she gained during the pregnancy weight, which is gradually emerging as a result of hard work. However, many fans admire the artist rather quickly returned to their previous forms. Jasmine said that she had to overcome on the way to the perfect figure.

      “During the third pregnancy I only gained 15 pounds. And get rid of them, unlike in previous years, beginning almost immediately after birth. Every dropped 300 grams inspired me! After about three months I returned to active sports, shares his success the singer . And here I already lost about nine pounds. But this is not the limit, of course, I’m going back to my usual weight and favorite dresses!”
      Жасмин рассказала, как худела после родов

      Jasmine remembered when she was expecting the birth of daughter Margaret, then gained 25 pounds. She didn’t do anything, hoping that the weight will normalize itself – because after the first pregnancy she quickly returned to Dobermann form. But this moment came not. After the issue of the eldest son Misha about how he sees ever mom slender as before, Jasmine decided to take myself in hand. First she went to a specialist, so he made her a special balanced menu. The singer also started to exercise – swam in the pool, doing water aerobics, yoga, strength training. Gradually she was able to return the previous weight and less than six months lost 20 pounds.

      Now, to find the old figure, Jasmine is not only engaged in sports but also focuses on cosmetic procedures. Also it limit itself in meal – completely abandoned baking and sugar.

      “Three months after giving birth I went through 10 sessions of Spa treatments (massage, Charcot’s douche, mineral mud baths). The perfect complex that, in addition to adjustments for weight, improves blood circulation. Russian bath not visit, but the sauna and Hammam love. Sometimes going with friends, take honey for smearing, herbal tea and go!” – told beauty recipes the artist in conversation with the newspaper “7 days”.