Jasmine: “the Main surprise was waiting for me at home”

Жасмин: «Главный сюрприз ждал меня дома»
The actress told about the most unusual present you received after the birth of her third child.

Jasmine children

Photo: Tasula Photography

Jasmine recently became a mom for the third time — at the end of April, she gave birth to her son Myron, admitted that he had missed the active life.

“I think that in a month I will have to do
sports — sure, the singer. — While breastfeeding my baby, hard with his head in is located. But
without sports I hard. And of course, really want to get back in shape. In
pregnant actually never thought about it, to be honest. The main thing for me
was that the child was born healthy, I’m not worried about some
the consequences for the figure. Of course, I tried to eat healthy and
sufficient for a child amounts. Well, now it’s time to get in
order. I have already had to do it — I can say I will go on
well-trodden path. All pleasure is mine: to become more beautiful
a woman after childbirth”.

Loved ones continue to delight Jasmine all sorts of gifts in honor of the birth of the third child. “Ilan’sHusband Ilan Shor — Approx. ed.) can choose the colors, and each time bouquets
all increase in size,” smiles the singer. But, as recognized by a young mother, she recently received the most unexpected gift.

“An amazing thing happened, just a miracle, — said Jasmine. — Imagine, a few days after the birth of Myron
in our house in Chisinau storks left a hole in one pillar, built her nest there
and laid eggs. It is with the side where our bedroom. Now storks
the eggs hatch, and we, of course, Holim and cherish. They are in fact not

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