Jasmine spoke for the first time, for what use Botox

Жасмин впервые рассказала, для чего использовала ботокс
The singer has spared no effort for the sake of youth.


Photo: from personal archive Jasmine

The age of the singer closer to 40, but Jasmine looks so young that it is increasingly asking, not Botox if it’s that. Jasmine smiles and replies: “When I
it’s time to inject Botox, take advantage of this service, I do not see anything bad.”

She has three kids (her youngest son Myron seven months — Approx. ed.). But the fact that after the birth she gains weight, doesn’t mean she gives up. No, Jasmine builds a system of power, hard sports, visit the sauna and Hammam — and a few months back to usual weight, and favorite outfits. And now, after the third confinement, she had already said goodbye to nine excess weight and is not going to stop there.

The singer loves and is able to care for themselves. During the third pregnancy, Jasmine is actively used for body almond oil: “It
nourishes the skin making it more elastic. I continue to use this tool
and today”. Special
attention is focused on the skin. Regularly makes himself masochki, peels. Home
it has huge number of good creams, but about once a year, the artist changes the stamp to avoid habituation.

To his
the beautician and singer appealed for more serious help. “I like the mesotherapy, —
she confessed. After a vitamin cocktail skin is alive, as if lit from within. If I had my way, doing
such procedures often. But I need them after a day or two to rest up,
left to the consequences of injections, but this does not always have the time.”

change the appearance Jasmine has always treated easy. “One time it became fashionable
something in itself to change from nose to chest. I was unhappy with the shape of his nose.
But still not decided on surgery now very glad. And many friends
managed to change his appearance — and… individuality was lost completely,” — shared the singer.

As for Botox, it’s complicated. “I think it’s not mine, — says the singer. — A couple of times, though I still already used
injections — but only on his forehead. But if Botox has to go too far, instead of a face
it turns out the frozen mask…”

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