Жасмин впервые высказалась о приговоре, вынесенном ее мужу
In Kishinev there has passed hearing, where the husband of a popular singer Jasmine Ilan Shor was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

Жасмин впервые высказалась о приговоре, вынесенном ее мужу

Now, however, Jasmine decided to comment on this situation. The actress admits that she is very worried about her husband because he has health problems. The singer hopes that they will be able to appeal against the verdict.

“Yesterday’s court decision about Ilana made so far only one instance. I’m sure that the husband is innocent and we will prove it at the next hearing! Now I am very worried not only for the decision of the court – here’s the truth on our side – how much for health Ilana. This entire process and all the injustice can anyone morally to suppress. Ilan yesterday was again a bad heart, called an ambulance. Our children are also very worried about dad… But at least now, after the unjust house arrest Ilan finally free, and now for us begins the real fight for our good name and justice! We are ready to fight on, and I believe that this nightmare will soon be over… Thanks again to everyone who supports us!” replied Jasmine.

Recall that the couple have two children grow up, and in recognition of the artist, the children also responded very badly to this situation.

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