Jasmine spoke about the achievements of the newborn son

Жасмин рассказала о достижениях новорожденного сына Little Myron was exactly a week. Jasmine is experiencing incredible emotions about the birth of her third child. “Such a joy every minute to be with him,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

      Жасмин рассказала о достижениях новорожденного сына

      Popular singer Jasmine, recently became a three-time mother, celebrates first little event in the life of a newborn son. It was exactly seven days since then, as a young heir to the stars was born.

      According to Jasmine, the baby in that time grew significantly, and already is making its first successes, to the delight of mom and dad and siblings. “We celebrated our 7 days! We already know how to smile, to cling on to mom’s finger and trying to look carefully at who is talking to us! Such a joy, every minute to be with him,” wrote singer Jasmine in microblogging, willing to share your incredible emotions that she experiences after becoming a mother for the third time.

      A touching story of a son, Myron singer was accompanied by a no less touching image on which the child keeps its tiny boys stretched his finger mom. After seeing this post, fans of the singer just bombarded her with congratulations and sincere wishes of health and happiness to the baby and his young mother. “Dear Jasmine, I congratulate you with all my heart! And I have three months ago, it was such a miracle! Health to you and your family!”, “It’s good to have children! And if even three – so all the triple happiness! Heartily congratulations”, “I always infant arms and legs resemble the first green shoots in spring – the same gentle. Happiness and health to you and baby! Well, and older children too, of course,” write Jasmine her followers.

      Жасмин рассказала о достижениях новорожденного сына

      It is worth noting that the singer is now fully immersed in caring for the newborn baby, she feeds Myron’s chest. However, as lamented in the comments to his post star, milk it is not enough, and she feeds my son special food for babies.

      We will remind, the third child of singer Jasmine were born April 25. The boy was born weighing 3,350 pounds and 54 cm. I wonder what Jasmine throughout pregnancy concealed the sex of the baby not only from the public but also from family. However, the couple knew in advance that regardless of, whether born a boy or a girl, the child’s name will begin with the letter “M”. Long before the birth of the baby decided to call Miron, in honor of his grandfather on the paternal side.

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