Jasmine spoke about her son’s wedding

Жасмин высказалась о свадьбе сына The singer hopes that in 2017, her life is not going to happen drastic changes. Jasmine admitted to reporters that are not yet ready for the marriage of his son, who in August was 19 years old. Therefore, a celebrity does not hurry with the heir to the marriage.

      Жасмин высказалась о свадьбе сына

      The singer Jasmine growing up 19-year-old son Michael Semenduev. The young man is quite a catch. A few months ago he broke up with MSU student Diana Chervichenko, relations with which lasted more than a year. Environment pair thought they were perfect for each other, but despite this, Michael broke up with a sweetheart. Apparently, at the moment the heart of a youth is employed, told his star mother.

      Beloved son of singer Jasmine hinted at breaking up with him

      Jasmine also told that I would not like drastic changes in the coming year. The singer admitted that he does not see himself in the role of the mother of a married man.

      “My son was a girl now I think he’s also Dating someone… I’m not ready to be a mother-in-law. Maybe he is ready to marry. But I don’t. Do not feel yourself more Mature. In my heart I’m still the same young girl,” shared the celebrity.
      Жасмин высказалась о свадьбе сына

      We will remind that in April, Jasmine became a mother for the third time. The singer gave husband Ilan Shor is a charming boy named Myron, after his grandfather on the paternal side. The celebrity said “StarHit” that dwells in the seventh heaven from happiness. “Ahead of us, so many discoveries, so many new and interesting! Thank you to everyone who has supported me all this time! We are fine, great and wonderful” – shared the actress.

      In an interview, Jasmine openly admitted that she is difficult to care for three children at once. However, the star finds the strength to raise Myron, Michael and Margaret. The youngest of the heirs of a celebrity requires more attention than others. Knowing this, the brother and sister of Myron trying to help my mom. They love the baby and love to babysit him.

      By the way, the eldest heir Jasmine first learned that the family star was replenished. He likes to spend time with the baby and play with him. We will note that Mikhail graduated from the prestigious Lomonosov school, after graduation from which he entered the University. In an interview with reporters, the Semenduev said that I would not like to go in her mother’s footsteps and become a celebrity. The young man also admitted that he considers himself a romantic person and he likes girls, like the actress Megan Fox. In a conversation with reporters Sobesednik.ru his star mother Jasmine told that the son does not hurry with the wedding, but when it does occur, it will be a jealous mother-in-law.