Jasmine: “Son like me!”

Жасмин: «Сын похож на меня!»
The singer told how newborn son took her family.

Жасмин: «Сын похож на меня!»


Photo: Philip Goncharov

Жасмин: «Сын похож на меня!»

In the family of a 38-year-old Jasmine and Ilan Shor last week was a joyful
event: was born the long-awaited son, which is in honor of Ilana’s father named Myron.

“When the baby is born and Margarita arrived
look at little brother, then a few minutes never took my eyes off him not saying a
words. Then said: “How sweet it is, isn’t it?” says Jasmine. — And when he left home, wanted
take it with you! For my eldest son — Michael (from the first marriage of the singer — Approx. ed.) the birth of a brother is
a dream come true! He had begged me for a baby brother, and got a favorite
little sister a lot. I was surprised and touched by the words of his son after the first joyful
reaction to brother. Michael hugged me and said that the important part is that I now
rested and restored, that my health is now the priority! And when my husband saw the baby, said two sentences. First: “now 1:1”, and then:
“He seems to like you, darling!”

By the way, about another child in the family of Jasmine and Ilana started talking after the birth of her daughter Margarita. The fact that Ilan really dreamed of
son, an heir. “We decided to call him Myron, in honor of her husband’s father, —
Jasmine told in his exclusive interview to magazine “7 days”. — By the way,
the daughter we named after my mom. We sometimes even my dad’s name is Daisy
mamusa, mamulečka, mommy”. But the sex of the baby Jasmine kept secret
to the last.


1 days.

Жасмин: «Сын похож на меня!»

Today we celebrated 7 days! ? We already know how to smile, to cling on to mom’s finger and trying to carefully consider who is talking to us! ? Such a joy, every minute to be with him ?? #my #baby #Miron #happy #mommy #of #three #children #love #sweet #dream

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